Bra Care

Bra Care

How to launder your delicates

  • Hand washing your bras is the best way to ensure your intimates will not be pulled, overstretched, or bent out of shape. If you are machine washing, use a gentle cycle and a bra-specific wash bag.
  • Wash after every second wearing. The more you wash your bra, the better!
  • Use a gentle soap, preferably citrus-based. At Bra Heaven we swear by Forever New, which only requires a short soak in warm water to completely wash fabrics. A cold water rinse after washing can also help shock some elastics back into shape.
  • Avoid using Woolite on your delicates, as it can be damaging to the elastic in your fabrics.
  • Air dry. Never place your bra in the dryer!
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Lifespan of a bra

Even a top-quality bra will eventually need replacing since no fabric is indestructible or impossible to wear out. It is commonly advised that a bra be replaced after 8 months, however, we find a good bra should last you at least a year before its support begins to diminish. Here are some tips to help your bras last as long as possible!

Don’t wear the same bra multiple days in a row. This allows time for the elastic to relax back into its original shape and maintain its stretch for longer. If possible, having multiple bras in the rotation is always recommended. Generally the more bras you have in rotation, the longer they will last individually.

Wash them properly by following our guide above!

Use the right bra for the right activity. No bra is designed to do everything, and using a bra for anything other than its intended purpose will decrease its effectiveness and lifespan. Remember. . . if you wouldn’t wear high heals doing it, don’t wear your lace bra either!