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Let’s Be Positive

I thought during this time of turmoil on our planet, our communities, and some of our homes, it would be a good time to spread some love and virtual hugs. You know, those things we’re not supposed to do today! No handshakes, no hugs – 2 meters apart. Take a few minutes and reach out to friends and loved ones. Whether that be by phone, text, video chat, or some other means; just do it!

During the quarantine, lockdown, isolation, or whatever you want to call it, we run out of things to do or to talk about (because it’s usually including a virus). We shopped online, we read, we turned off our TVs because the news is generally depressing, and so it goes. For how long will we be housebound some may ask; we definitely don’t have the answers. What we do hope for is a speedy end to our planetary crisis. That all of our family and friends can come out of hiding and get back to normal if there will ever be such a thing again. Maybe It will just be the new normal!

Please Stay healthy and safe!